[Freemium] FAB with material Icon ttf (Update Paid Version 16/03/2018)


Is there a bug when rotate a screen like in standart component


You must set screen create rotation


In standart floating button when rotare a screen from Portrait to Landscape few times floating button dissaper
Is here the same bug


in the last paid version all margins and sizes are in DP correct?

because I have some cross device position inconsistencies


@Andres_Cotes did you have the time to check the issue on this extension that I mentioned in the post above? I have also sent you a PM some time ago


Does this FAB2 extension support Android KitKat? On lollipop it is working. But on KitKat i am getting error “resource id #0x10c000d” End Application.


show blocks please



Please Reply Andres_Cotes,

Does FAB2 support Android KitKat? I have Shown Blocks above.



i work for kitkat suport


All the Best AndresCotes.
Hope to get update soon for KitKat version.

Thanks for your reply.


Hello Andres,
How big can the fab be? Is 100 the max or can i use the extension also to use it as floating arrangement size?

Does this work on android 6+?

If true i think i buy it from you.

Greetings Erik