[Freemium] FAB with material Icon ttf (Update Paid Version 16/03/2018)


It is just NOT WORKING, no matter if I try to set a material.io icon like camera_alt / phone / … or use the fontawesome text - not even an empty button shows up…


show block



properties and attachments


the extension only works in the companion you can not generate apk with it


I already showed you the attachments and the properties in an earlier reply ant I know that I cannot create an APK but IT IS NOT SHOWING even in the companion… :roll_eyes:

here once again:

and instead of the pre-filled “fa-camera-retro” I also tried several other fontawesome codes, even in the format “& #xf26e;” (without the space of course), also tried Material.io icon codes in case it’s only working with them even though it says needs fa-webfont… Also tried it in various test apps to make sure it’s not interfering with another plugin or something but it won’t show anything in the companion app…





Finally it shows at least anything but what size parameters are you using for size, margin,…? I guess it is not dp? because on my HTC U11 Life it’s much too small and 25 margin is less than 16dp when I use the thunkable FABs…


if all those problems were solved in the payment extension


how should I know if the paid version will work correctly? because the demo version is definitely not…


buying it if you have any difficulty you inform me in the forum or mail and we solve it


why ?
can explane it ?


because the extension only works in the company, so I built it


U are tell for this




I’ll think about it.


this extension is working great.
I have not regretted purchasing…