[Freemium] FAB with material Icon ttf (Update Paid Version 16/03/2018)




hola @habboubih mira este ejemplo

FAB appybuilder appinventor thunkable

make action GIFs like this at MakeaGif

FAB1 propiedades 1

FAB2 propiedades

FAB3 propiedades

FAB4 propiedades



Thank you @Andres_Cotes I will try it


I need help “Typeface can not be made”


Esta solo en la versión de pago


Y como la puedo comprar?


En el link de Paypal 10 USD y me envías el correo


Si estás en Colombia en una cuenta Bancolombia




update first post


Why this is not working?


Normal Button


Unfortunately even the free version does not work (for me)… I wanted to give it a try because I have problems with thunkables integrated FAB but it does not show anything in my test app even tough it is called on screen initialize & the webfont for fontawesome is uploaded…


You added the typography


if you mean that I uploaded the fontawesome webfont .ttf - yes I did that. Are you aware that there’s a newer version of fontawesome? they renamed their font files because there seem to be light/medium/bold in the new versions. maybe you could adapt this. Anyways I tried to rename the new regular font and I also downloaded a previous version but no buttons showing up for me :frowning:

cheers, Chris


you have the paid version or the demo version that is published


I tried the demo version because I wanted to make sure it is working for me before buying.


the demo version only works with font material, in the paid version if you can put any typography


it does not even show up also with the pre set “fa-camera-retro”?!