[Freemium] FAB with material Icon ttf (Update Paid Version 16/03/2018)



Esta extensión permite añadir FAB a tu proyecto.



Visible FAB





EDIT: This code is released for demonstration purposes only. The free, demo version will only work in the Companion App. If you wish to build an .APK you can purchase the full version from the developer.

[Free] FAB Extension - Material UI Feature
Press FAB effect?
[Free] FAB Extension - Material UI Feature

I agree, I would like to use FontAwesome font with this extension.


solo esta https://material.io/icons


Looks great! Cool idea, @Sander0542 + @pavi2410, any ideas?


se cumplió el deseo

codigo de los iconos


FAB.aia (111.7 KB)


Wow, you made your own FAB, great job. By the way, just a notice that you, ColorBackground not ColorBackgraund, but everything else is great! Great job, will definetely use it. Also, if I want to use other font, what should I do?


gracias por corregir


esa la pienso dejar libre

y tengo otra con iconos de material Design
fade in
fade out

pero es pienso dejarla de pago

gracias por siempre estar atento



Also, you gave me .aia, can you give me .aix?


podrias hacer la documentación
en ingles para publicarla???

co.com.dendritas.AwFontFAB.aix (14.1 KB)


Sure. I need to give description to all of functions, events & so on?


si , creo que es fácil de entender gráficamente pero los texto no hoy bueno en ingles y las traducciones de google no son muy buenas.


Ok, I will give you in like 30 minutes, because I gotta go.


You missed one thing in your extension.
Where can we set development mode to true or false?

I get this error because the development path in the extension is set to true.


You need to import fontawesome-webfont.ttf.


I used his aia file and after import his project i have export it without any changes.
And than i got this error.

And yes the font is already in the project but than you see the error.


Same here - it works fine in the Thunkable Companion but when you build and install as .apk the runtime error occurs.


Its because the Development path is set to true in the extension but we cant change it in the blocks editor.


Yup, same issue when installed. :sunny:


How about something like this for documentation @Andres_Cotes?

Do you have a PayPal for donations?
What licence are you releasing your extensions under?