[Free] Yet another SQLite extension

First post!

For various reasons I decided to write a SQLite extension and now I’m open sourcing it.


Excerpt from the repository:


  • Control over database name
  • Import/export entire database
  • Convenience methods for common CRUD operations
  • In-line and asynchronous versions of data manipulation methods
  • Can use parameterized SQL statements (prevents SQL injection)
  • Query results returned as proper lists
  • Database life cycle events
  • Debug messages as Toast messages and/or dialogs
  • Begin, commit, and rollback transactions (nested too!)
  • Database versioning
  • and more!


If you find this extension useful, please consider donating by clicking the button below.
If you’re using this extension in an app you’re making money from, please STRONGLY consider donating even more.
The recommended donation is $10 USD, but I’ll accept anything you think the extension is worth to you.


There’s much more information in the repository.


it’s an amazing extension

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the most important functions is the ability to import and export DB
thanks for @frdfsnlght


hi, seems very good.
but how may i create a database naming columns?

seems good, but the pedroza sql has more functionality and more option…

Como accedo a un registro en particular de la base de datos para mostrar en un label por ejemplo?

It is an amazing extension. Can you please have a snapshot of how to use it, just like the owner sqliteaddons did? I didn’t see a block on creating table or is there a way around it?