[FREE]WavRecorder extension

This extension is for recording sound as 16Bit/44.01 kHz.

This extension is free and wip. It took me a long time to make.
So if you like to donate me I wouldn’t say no :wink:
known issues:

  • 22.05 kHz records sounds like mickey mouse. But I don’t use it anyway.
  • after record the raw file will be converted into wav. That may take some time to process. I would recommend to hold a little break before you use or play the recorded sound. Therefor I am using a simple clock ( 4000 ms) plus “processing” label.

com.django.wavrecorder.aix (16.8 KB)
wavrecorder.aia (35.8 KB)


good job please correct and follow the convention


nice extensions .
I was waiting for it for a long time

Thx for mention that. I missed that tonight. I Corrected it.

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superb cool extension

Is it possible to add an option to record sounds from the system instead of from a microphone?

No, this isn’t possible in android

Or is it possible to record what the player is playing?
Or maybe possible save the stream playing with the ezoplayer component as a wav or mp3 or aac file?