[FREE]WaveAudioTools extension



This extensions let you mix or combine 2 wave audiofiles in different ways:

Now you can create karaoke-like-apps, mix tracks together or combine them, create long wavefiles from short loops (e.g. drumtracks) as a backline.

**Important:**The files must be of same format, 16Bit/44100/stereo or
16Bit/44100/mono wave format. You will notice a slight "click or “swoop” at the seams of the combined files. I am still working on how to smooth that.
(Maybe someone like to assist me here)

com.django.waveaudiotools.aix (15.6 KB)

WaveTools_demo.aia (678.8 KB)

In this aia you can test all the functions. Maybe you will have to edit the filepaths to match your system.
extension used: [FREE)WaveTools, [FREE)WavRecorder, TaifunFile (credits to taifun)

- mixes wavIn1 with waveIn2. The shorter wav will be autofilled with zeros to match the longer file. You can adjust the input levels and the mixOut level.

  • creates a 7 times loop from wavIn1, matches waveIn2 in length and mix both together. You can adjust the mix1 input level and the mixOut level.

- combines waveIn1 with waveIn2. You can set the mixOut level.

-creates a 5 time loop from wavIn1.You can adjust the mix1 input level and the mixOut level.

- rec button plays wavIn1 and records your voice or instrument to wavIn2 at the given filename.
then just mix them together in the other screen. Use the offset (e.g. 250) to compensate the record latency ( often about 250 - 350 ms on android systems)
!! use a headset with mic to get a clean record !!

Free Extension, AppyEcho mic to speaker with pitch control

Nice, :slight_smile: really cool… I can have a look at the latency Etc, If you like.


Of course. Feel free.