[Free] Vibrate Extension



Could you explain a bit more what “Mute Ringer” is, please?


Like: “Ringer Silent”


Oh, you mean sound profiles? Like:

  • Sound
  • Vibrate
  • Mute


Yes correct. :slight_smile:


I will make an extension for this and include all 3 options.


Here is it:


Hi, is it possible to set a prefixed number of vibrations, for example 10 vibrations with delay of 1000 millisecs, for a countdown?


good extension to cancel vibration


The link is broken/Site down.
Can somebody share a link
Solved, I made my own.


Can you share your own extension please.


there you are:


Thanks :wink:


Hi Sander could you make an extension for wether player is playing. I have player but there is no option to check player is playing or not.


@Sander0542 the link you shared for Free Vibrate Extension is not working please make a new link. I want that extension.


Sometimes it’s good to read a thread before posting


Hi Django, i try your extension but don’t work.
I have galaxy s7
maybe i need some special permission to the app?
when i install my app no permission it is requested