[Free] UDP client extension



I have an application in which many devices sends their status to the master device (a phone with active hotspot).
I noticed that to receive the status messages with this extension, I have to send a message and only after that I receive messages.
The problem is that I should monitor the status messages to know which device is connected to the net and after knowing that, send messages to each device.
So the first question is:
Knowing the communication port, How can I retrieve the IP of all devices connected ?
In a desktop programming language, I use the UDP READ function that return me the the IP of the sender of every message without sending anything. How can i do it in Thunkable? Is it possible?
Thank you so much



i’m having problems to make it work too, maybe your solution could be mine too.


Hello! Why I have a “trigger” clientUDP.recieved after clientUDP.send? There is no server in net, so clientUDP.send triggers clientUDP.recieved offline. It is as it should be?


With this Extension I fits all my need with UDP communication.
It allows you even to send and receive Data in binary mode so using arrays of integer or HEX value instead of a text message.

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