[Free] UDP client extension



Did anyone makes an app with the help of this extension.will you please share .aia file??


thanks but not working with 10000!

and there’s no port reserved… other app can send in port less 1000.

someone can help me?
i use miui9 nougat maybe there’s a problem in the extension??


send block please


Again?? Read my previous post. Thanks


try true broadcast


sir you can sent aia file to me for example . my email :[email protected]



Thanks to all now it works.


hola andres disculpa tu udp server escucha desde una ip broadcast? es para que mas de una app reciba el mismo mensaje al mismo tiempo.


aun no le logrado, no se como fusiona no he entendido el concepto


fijate si podes enviarle a la aplicacion con el packet sender a la ip o o sino pone una ip statica en el celular tipo y enviale a


hi andres
what is the “timeout” function for, in the client app off your extension ?
thx in a dvance


hello the timeout is the waiting time for the reply of a message if it is not answered closes the connection


many thanks,
in seconds ? milliseconds ?


Is ms


I want to create an app to receive UDP messages filled with sensor data from an ESP8266. The app should receive the data and transfer the information into progress bar and numeric value outputs. Can I use either the UDP client or UDP server extension for this job? Thanks for your help!


the client extension only allows to send information and udp server enables a port to receive messages personally i like to work with mqtt for developments with esp8266


Thanks for your reply. I use the ESP8266 only for testing purpose to generate UDP packages.
I would like try your UDP server extension. What is the process to get it?


these are the characteristics and the follow-up to the extension server udp link paypal.me/andrescotes 15 usd

mqtt extension


Hi Mr.Andres_Cotes
First of all, thank you for sharing your extension.
I’m having problems with your extension update.
I sent a packet to the server but I and the server sent the reply but the answer received on the application just received “nada”. Previously I used the old extension and it sent and received normally but it will fail when the connection is lost.
please support me
thank you