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comparto extension para envio de mensajes por protocolo UDP

co.com.dendritas.ClientUDP.aix (8,4 KB)

co.com.dendritas.ClientUDP.aix (9,4 KB)

programa auxiliar para test

You can also use this free and open source tool


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Server UDP extension (Paid Extension)

All your extentions are unique and awesome. Its time for you to setup your own blog or website and keep it in repository along with your contact details.

Thanks again! :+1:


In my mind only happens you develop so many things that I wanted for years of these with inventor I tried to update the page but it arrives in my mind an extension that does not exist and makes me want to build


@Andres_Cotes, you have so much extension and I try to have a full list on my website. Can you take a look and tell me if I am missing something?


hi.will you please explain elaborate about this extension?how to use this? what type app we can make from this extension? @Andres_Cotes



you might want to copy my extensions directory


That one is not complete @Taifun


now completed, thank you for the hint.



Can you update the link on my name to https://www.sanderjochems.com please?

And the SoundManger to my website, please?


Hey, with this extension how do I specify the port in which I want the data to be received through? I already tested the extension using the packet sender and a label in inventor. However, every time I send a message through UDP to my device’s IP, it seems like the UDP has not being received because the label does not change to the message that I sent through packet sender.


Hola Daniel la extensiĂłn solo es cliente envĂ­as el mensaje a la ip y puerto de destino y el devuelve que recibiĂł dependiendo la configuraciĂłn que este en el servidor

actualmente estoy trabajando en la extensiĂłn server




Entonces, no puedo recibir data, por ejemplo un texto decidiendo “Hola”, de Packet Sender?


no aun no recibe estoy trabajando en eso quicieras apoyar el desarrollo de la extension con 10 USD


que chimba de extensiĂłn tocayo, creo que me puede servir pa enviar mensajes a un PLC Siemens, actualmente mando mensajes UDP para iniciar y detener unos unos procesos, en estos dĂ­as le trabajo y te cuento.


I have tested the udpClient, but there is little problem in answer when you sent udp, response will happend only once and you can’t specify the answer response port and will get all from broadcast for single answer, this is not realy what i need when i will an responce on send udp data with more devices on same network.

I hope you can/will fix that so we can use this udpclient.


If you could explain to me in a very simple way that it is what you are saying to me with pleasure I can repair it although I do not understand the concept of what you are saying

esta el el server udp



This UDP client will send from port 8879, but receives from broadcast IP (x.x.x.255) one time and can’t change the receive port.
Because i have more UDP servers and clients, this UDP Client will receive the wrong answer (from my other device).

Sometimes i get the right answer and this happend when no other udp server send broadcast on same network.

We need receive udp port or we must receive more then once udp packets so we can filter the packet in answer from sender.




What you want is to listen to a particular port at all times