[Free] TinyDBTools extension

Hello Thunkers :wave:

Today I present you my newest extension: TinyDBTools. It currently can only backup your TinyDB database in a JSON file, but I have some neat features in mind. As always, the extension can be found in its GitHub repo. Please test it to ensure everything is working correctly, so I can change the topic to #extensions Releases

Changelog :spiral_notepad:

2018-05-02: Initial release
2019-01-24: New methods LoadBackupFile and RemoveFromTag introduced


thank you for your contribution.
You might want to add a screenshot of the available blocks…

btw. are you aware, that there exist already some TinyDB extensions?
see here
Get all TinyDB Extension by Juan Antonio to backup TinyDB as Text or JSON format
TinyDBX Extension by Juan Antonio to use several TinyDBs in an app
TinyDB Editable Extension by ColinTree


I didn’t know that, but nobody answered here

so I thought it did not exist

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[TinyDB Editable Extension ]
Explain something about this extension that contains table option and md5

you might want to ask the author of that extension, which is @ColinTree

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@sajidali92 Just like in DBs, we got tables in a database, so that’s why, but now you can use built-in property Namespace to do the same thing as well.

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ohh thanks. Its nice