[Free] The ExtraComponents Extension (Beta)



elevation no el resto si


but extra component extension is free? is the full extension or is like fab?


Hola Diego

las extensiones tiene en el titulo la descripción como funcionan y si es de pago o no o en que estado esta

beta = se esta trabajando pero no hay garantia de que funsione

free = que la puedes utilizar pero el soporte es limitado

paid = que la extension a sido probada y el desarrollador te dara soporte sobre alguna dificulta

y siempre sera bueno un apoyo economico al que desarrolla la extension por el tiempo que gasto en realizar el codigo.

Horizontal Addons es libre y el soporte lo estoy dando por appybuilder






@Helios I’ve got this report:
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.

When i use genymotion as emulator…don’t now if this report appear on phones…
Am I the only one ?


It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.



This problem only happens when i use an emulator,
Not when i use apk or live testing on tablet
@Taifun It’s not for asking help, more for Helios, like that he can change the problem!


Not when i use apk or live testing on tablet

well, I guess, that’s an emulator issue then

btw. @Helios, instead of hex values for colors please also follow the existing philosophy
which means, in the designer use the color blocks to assign colors
in the blocks editor use color blocks or the make color block or an integer value

see also the discussion in this thread


[Free] Releasing the Dialogs Extension

This is a great extension and thanks for sharing…

Don’t you think that it is better to have static ids for the generated components?
Especially during app development!

I personally create my apps on one Screen and I create the toggle buttons on screen initialize
However when I add elements or change any control setting on design of the app the screen normally re-initializes and the ids change so the ids used on toggleClicked event are not valid anymore.
We have to reset connection and reconnect to the companion.

Maybe add a Development property so that if clicked the ids to remain static after the toggle has been created?
However I strongly believe that the entire problem would be gone if we had to define the id instead of being automatic.

Or at least another solution would be to have a block to create the toggle and another block to remove it??
I am just trying to think alternatives here…

Also it seems that using v1.3 of extra components along with Dialogs extension still creates a compile error…
Please take a look on this also…

Thanks for your time reading a long post!!!


hello @Helios, im tryin to create a progress bar with your extension

but i get this error:


Your device is below api level 21, right?
Means you use Android < 5?


yes 4.4


The function “progressBar.setProgressTintList” needs android api level >= 21. means android 5.0+


The automatic generation id is not an ideal design, please specify the id number as before,thanks.


Will you please give me the aia file for this camera app


Toggle accept AI color block, Indeterminate progress bar does not!
A question about the bar: how to resize
and stop it?


I create a toggle on Screen initialize with the blocks below

In order to get the ID of the toggle I am using this

BUT the toggle has to be clicked, which is not happening when screen loads.
And as the ID is created automatically then it is not possible to know it unless Toggle is clicked

Basically I need to have Toggle clicked on when screen initializes if certain criteria are met…
so what should be the id in the blocks below??

Any suggestion??

Of course this question would not be placed if the IDs were manually specified on creation of the Toggle…

Are you still supporting this extension?
If yes then please consider the issue of IDs and also the incompatibility with Dialogs extension…

Thanks in advance!!


most probably not, because it would take him only 5 minutes to rebuild the extensions following my detailed steps here





api < 21 no soportadas