[Free] The ExtraComponents Extension (Beta)


Good Job Andres

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When are you releasing it? i just can’t wait for this extension :heart_eyes: Weldone @Andres_Cotes you are really helping break App Building barriers on the platform.


I’m talking about multiple buttons on one selection.

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@Helios Will this block work on android 4.0?

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hi, i made this, but when i click enter the focus goes on the correct textbox, but after a while go to the texbox down it.

someone can help me?
when i press enter the focus goes to the right texbox, bt when i release it goes to the next textbox. please

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This is awesome !

This is the best extension ever!
Long gone are the days where I have to manually make each of my toggle buttons using canvases.

Credit goes to Thunkable Admins and Great Power-Thunkers and Leaders who are pushing the limits of development spending hours to make it possible.

Hats-off for your great efforts :+1:

Thunkable Power Thunkers
@Helios @ILoveThunkable @Sander0542 @pavi2410 @Barreeeiroo Andres_Cotes @mika @Taifun @Conor @lucatunes and more…


Can someone please send me a screenshot of them using the CreateToggle block?
I don’t understand how to use it.

example set width /height/bg color …

You can just use a set property of any temp variable.

@Helios We should be able to make an arrangement have a background shape and shadow as well as color. This would make it easier to create an amazing looking UI.

Also, can you please show the minimum version of android for each feature? It was very hard to update my Dice app because of problems on Android 4.- and 5.0 devices.

tal vez sera esto


Wow, thanks! Does it work with Android 4.0?

elevation no el resto si

but extra component extension is free? is the full extension or is like fab?

Hola Diego

las extensiones tiene en el titulo la descripción como funcionan y si es de pago o no o en que estado esta

beta = se esta trabajando pero no hay garantia de que funsione

free = que la puedes utilizar pero el soporte es limitado

paid = que la extension a sido probada y el desarrollador te dara soporte sobre alguna dificulta

y siempre sera bueno un apoyo economico al que desarrolla la extension por el tiempo que gasto en realizar el codigo.

Horizontal Addons es libre y el soporte lo estoy dando por appybuilder