[Free] The ExtraComponents Extension (Beta)



We mean, you should create 1 extension for adding extra components (that are not existing & you shouldn’t focus on making those components add dynamically), afterwards making ExtraC extension, you should make another extension called “DynamicComponents”, which should be focused for adding components dynamically.


The cards component is dynamic. Perhaps you mean more methods similar to that.

Or the ability to add pre-existing components like buttons and labels dynamically.




Agh! I can’t use this extension in the same project as the notifier extension! I need this bug fixed!


Also, for future versions, maybe this could happen:

Is this possible?


Check out last template.


That is something I’ve been working on. Still in testing and development, so it’s not something that will be released soon.


What’s the point of messing around with IDs anyway? Can’t we just use the horizontal arrangement as the ID?


No you can’t. The toggle isn’t referenced by the arrangement, rather it has its own id. This id is unique to every component generated using the extension. Also, changing the id of the arrangement will lead to unnecessary issues.

Plus, creating IDs for new components is the recommended method in all development environments, including Android Studio.


Can someone put an aia file? I didn’t get how to use it… thx :slight_smile:


Is it already possible to create a flat indeterminate progress bar? If not, I want this…


It is.
I was thinking of renaming the indeterminate progress to “spinning progress” and then creating “horizontal progress” and “horizontal indeterminate progress”.
I’ll push out an update soon!


It is a problem not to use the Extra component Extension with Dialogs Extension


Hi! @Helios when will you start creating the extension “DynamicComponents” ?


You mean this?


No. We (users) want 2 different extensions. 1 for Dynamic Components & 1 for Extra Components.


@Conor i mean what @ILoveThunkable said


Helios, can you add a “is keyboard open?” block?
Sometimes would be very useful to know if keyboard is open or not… thanks!


@gabryk, this feature should be added into Tools extension. ExtraComponents extension is used for adding new components…


@Helios The button background setting dosn’t work below android 5.1! The pre-launch report came back from google play and half of the devices tested had errors! I just spent lots of time on this to update the interface. :sob:

Error on Android v5.0 and earlier (Nexus 5 running v4.4)

When it works (A Google Pixel running v7.1)

Also: Do the toggle switches work with the Halo theme? (I’ve found they work with 5.0 where the button color does not)