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Hello Everyone!

Here is my another extension :thermometer: Temprature Converter to convert the value of input temprature in to other temp. measuremants. Like if you insert the value of Fahrenheit [°F ] then it’ll give the output in Celcius & Kelvin. Similarly, if you insert the value of Celcius [°C ] then it’ll give the output in Fahrenheit & Kelvin. And, if you insert the value of Kelvin [°K ] then it’ll give the output in Fahrenheit & Celcius.
Download and test this extension and let me know your views in the commnet below.

Download Extension : com.cttricks.tempratureconverter.aix (7.4 KB)

:blush: Special thenks to @Cian_O_Sullivan.

:bell: You’ll get the detailed explanation about the use and work of this extension with Java Source Code, Sample AIA, Blocks Screenshot etc on my blog. Click Here to visit

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Price : 0$ | This extension is free and open source!
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Nice work, since it is open source where can we find the java source code?

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Hey Peter! Soon i’ll provide the java codes of all my extensions through my blog. I’m working on it and i’ll provide the url, and alos inform you once it is done. :grinning:

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Do you use an editor from Kodular or AppyBuilder to make them or have you installed your own version of App Inventor?

Thanks for your feedback! @hari.karell7i3q :blush:
But it would be great if you let me know What you dislike about this extension?

I’m still learning and I use Kodular IDE to make my extensions.


Hey @Peter_Mathijssen Have a look on this :grinning:

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