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Hey, did you find the solution yet? I am having the same problem.




how can i set this white bottom line width equal to my buttons set


I use the simplified version


this extension does not work along with the extension: Circular Progress Extension


Give me extension


First of all “Give me extension” is really not how you are supposed to communicate in the Thunkable Community!! Also if you could read the very first post here you would know where to find the extension…


I want to scroll title also because i want nearly 12 tabs how to do it.if i add mors button there size decreases


chenge the velue… IMG_20180419_083010


Someone help me…
RightToLeftSwipe is not working
i dont think i d any mistake in blocking

  • sorted out*
    I’m having trouble with the blocks, I took out a button as it only needed 4, I removed all blocks that used the button 5, and now I have this error]
    Português: Estou tendo problemas com os blocos, tirei um botão já que precisava apenas 4, removi todos os blocos que usavam o botão 5, e agora estou com esse erro


Hello @Andres_Cotes
Great work mate!
I have two points:

  1. Can we use “screens” instead of “arrangements” I mean swipe screens.
  2. With this extension, “Right to left” works smoothly and perfectly but “Left to right” has some problems, I almost cannot swipe, it does not smoothly swipe.
    Would you answer my two points, please?


nice bro


Why is the sliding direction of the detection always from left to right?