[Free] Tabs look WhatsApp


Thank you Andres for this beautiful method, which makes thunkable apps really looking professional. However the swipe gesture was sometimes strange, going to the wrong side or staying between two arrangements. For me , combining it with the Scroll Arrangement Handler by ColinTree and a clock gave a smoother swipe experience.



Hi. So, @User81, by using this method you are not using the Andres’ extension. Right? Would it be possible to send us an AIA example?


Before any misunderstanding occurs, there is no new method for the Tabs look like whatsapp. I had problems with the changing of arrangements by swiping and experienced a smoother swipe gesture with the blocks, that I posted. So the post was especially for Andres and all users working hard on this extension. For testing I upload the aia, that was originally made by
Andres, and extended with Colin Trees Scroll Arrangement Handler (I hope, I have their permission).

TapsSwipe_Combination_with_VSHandler.aia (76.4 KB)


hi boys, i have a stupid question
where i can find the dollar icon-outline?


Thank for your contribution @User81. Finally this extension works fine now with combination of other extension.


This is great but, when I click any tab, I get:
Attempt to invoke virtual method 'android.view.WindowManager android.app.Activity.getWindowManager()' on a null object reference

And after updating both .aix I get a new error:
Runtime Error length=291; index=2883620
Do you have the same issue?


No, it is working fine. Could you show us the blocks?


can you tell me please how to make a app like whatsapp


mannankhanabdul suggest me this thread for my needs.

I don’t want tabs, but I can use it if not visible…
I have an app with three layout one above the other.
I would like to swipe every single layout from left to right or right to left and make another layout appear in that position.
Does your extension could do this?
Imagine something like an identikit where i want to swipe eyes, nose, mouth ecc…
Thank you!


Hello Giuseppe_Geppo_Catta,
I really like your idea of making a identikit (I hope you will show us, when your work is done :slight_smile: )

You might want to use ColinTrees Horizontal Scroll arrangement handler for your project, it is highly stable and works really nice. You could align three Horizontal.Scroll.Arrangements (one below the other) and fill each with eyes, noses and mouths.

Try the aia-file, which is available in a post just 7 posts above your post (or ask fabioirmao, I think he did great improvement to this aia-file) and take your time to rebuild it until it suits your demand. Hope this helped you and good luck!

cheers User81


Make a plan, learn how to develope and do it.


Guys I m new to the extensions forum, I want to use this extension, so I download the aix file on the above link, I imported it to the extensions menu, dragged in the screen , but nothing shown neither the design nor the blocks

how to use this extension

Design screen

Blocks Screnn

thanks in advance


where is the aix please


Take a look at this video for a demonstration of how to download an aix, import it into Thunkable and then add to your app:


Thanks @Domhnall, I already did and followed the steps,

When I cloned the extension it worked fine but created a new application, then when I imported the ais file it didnt import the blocks it only imported the non visible component without the design or the blocks, does this mean I have to rebuild the design again? or there is something wrong that doesnot import all the extension?

Thanks in advance


All extensions are categorised as “non visible” components, including UI components. You won’t see anything until you test your app. Make sure you have some blocks like @Andres_Cotes has shown in his first post:


Thanks @Domhnall
What do you mean by make sure you have some blocks like the one shown in the the first post? do you mean I have to build these blocks? or it appears automatically when I just import the extension?

sorry for asking in details but I am new with this, and I just discovered the extensions today, and thank you for helping me


If you click on the link in my last post you will see all the blocks you need to have in your app to make the tabs appear in your app.


Wheres the aix file , plzz


How to set width of the top line in two tabs