[Free] Tabs look WhatsApp


Comparto imágenes del proyecto taps look whatsapp

Gracias a todos por ayudarme a cumplir la meta

Thank you all for helping me meet the goal


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Formula for swiping screen left and right
Tabbed Activity with swipes
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Layout visible Animation
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How to make taps in screen
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[Free] Tabs Extension api < 21 update 20/10/2017
[Free] Tabs Extension api < 21 update 20/10/2017
[PAID] New Extension SlideMenuDrawer 4 Side

Buen trabajo. ¿Cuando estará disponible el archivo .aix?


good tabs,use extension?


60 likes free extension


very nice extension


very nice work


42 more likes:wink:


where i can give you the like on this ext?

and, is it possible to put images instead of text in top arrangement? (1,2,3,4,5)


si es posible


good, so i’ll make 42 new account and i’ll put 42 new likes :smiley:

if you click on the top button, screnn changes the same?


Nice idea but you will only be spamming thunkable which makes it a bad idea. Am sure @Andres_Cotes will get his 60 likes b4 the beginning of tomorrow :grinning::grinning::grinning: so just relax and watch :grinning:


very nice


Very nice i like


It’s incredible!!!


I have liked it.


Great and much needed to give a more professional style to the application!


I posted the link in 2 big App Inventor groups in Facebook. I’m sure some likes will come from there. Right now it has 42 likes including mine.


gracias ya casi logramos el objetivo



Bienvenido a la comunidad


hey, where is the link?? :smiley: