[Free] Tabs Extension api < 21 update 20/10/2017


Hola Andrés, se podrá hacer que la pantalla se deslice a la derecha o izquierda según el tab seleccionado? (estilo whatsapp)


Intenta mesclar las 2 extensiónes


Cual es la otra extensión?


La que dice tabs estilo WhatsApp


no matter which of the 2 versions I use it always will add more and more and more Tabs… Can’t you change it to just create tabs once?


Extension not working.Screen swiping When press button. But not working when swipe screen.


Do you even understand what the video shows? :man_facepalming: There is no swipe method in this particular extension!


Hello family, help me with a file (.aia) of this extension, thank you


Please Provide me a swipe aia file


How to set block please help me