[Free] Tabs Extension api < 21 update 20/10/2017


in the previous version had to put the arrangement of condifional if to execute the action only once and not add more tabs repeated, in the update the registry is internally the same will be published the 2 versions


Thanks @Andres_Cotes


I want more options in this extension. I am interested to donate you for your great work!


what do you want to add to this extension?


Hello @Andres_Cotes

  1. Ability to add tabs in arrangement.
  2. Ability to add icons + Text
  3. Ability to add size for TABS when created.
  4. Ability to create the new Tab in TOP/First instead of appending towards the End.
  5. Ability read the text of TABS when clicked.



wait, the other xtension had a lot of stuff more!
how can i set buttons, or the arrangement of the moving line under the button??


this version can not be configured line


no posible

see link https://developer.android.com/reference/android/app/ActionBar.Tab.html


I am looking for equivalent solution that should work as Tabs in arrangement with the options as requested above.



You didn’t understand my requirement.




Looks great. Can you also try icon above and text below… ? and ability to sent height or automatic, If text is longer it should adjust the height of Tabs aswell.

Thanks in adv



Andres, buenisima extensión. El link en el primer post esta con esta extensión actualizada?


Thanks for the great work!

The Tabs are not material In video?


esta es la clase



the icon are paid feature?


mannankhanabdul suggest me this thread for my needs.

I don’t want tabs, but I can use it if not visible…
I have an app with three layout one above the other.
I would like to swipe every single layout from left to right or right to left and make another layout appear in that position.
Does your extension could do this?
Imagine something like an identikit where i want to swipe eyes, nose, mouth ecc…
Thank you!