[Free] Tabs Extension api < 21 update 20/10/2017


mañana entonces


another idea: could i choose the color of the arragnement of the top buttons?


Podrías subir o pasarme un apk al correo con la versión que contenga swipe de esta extensión para probarla y si funciona bien comprarla porfavor.


Yea something Similar to the Action Bar would do and would also give some layout control


@Andres_Cotes Error on this Extension when upload built Apk to Playstore as per details in screenshot below. please any ideas and possible fixes? Thanks


ya la estoy actualizando apenas termine la publico


Ok Thank you Brother.


el problema esta con cual nombre de extension hay 2 versiones una api 21 y menores y la otra que tiene una linea horizontal


this is the one i have and used. co.com.dendritas.Taps.aix (8.1 KB)


@Andres_Cotes i have switched from the Taps extension to the Tabs extension in this post and it was uploaded without any problem. in other words, Tabs extension works but Taps extension shows error.

Additional info: The Taps works when packaged apk is uploaded and installed on phone directly. The Error however occurs only during trying to upload the app to Google Playstore

Thank You!


es la misma cambie solo el nombre debes modificar los bloques y le puse un icono


Ok thank you


Everey time i run app it add new tabs to tab bar

plzz solve this @Andres_Cotes



Can you add this to the extension, so that thunkable-dev’s can use it more efficiently ?
and Height of the Tabs should match HALayout’s height.


update 20/10/2017


i’ll make a donation, but first i want to chose another your extension, so i’ll take both


I did not understand, can you explain?


i want to take another extension of your, than i’ll make two donation, for tab ext and another. but i have to chose before


can you just explain a little bit this new version? it seems different

and what is the difference with tabs whatsapp?



Will be helpful if you can provide us the details that is released in this update?