[Free] Tabs Extension api < 21 update 20/10/2017

Comparto extensión Simple Tabs

co.com.dendritas.Tabs.aix (9,4 KB)


co.com.dendritas.Tabs.aix (9,4 KB)

Paid features


good!but why title must be visible,could you set a horarrangement with it?and how to change the line color?

So this extension in not for Android 5.0+

< 21 = smaller as 21

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I know, so this doesnt work on Android 5+

Si trabaja solo que los métodos fueron depreciados y los taps después de 21 son independientes a la action bar antes de la 21 todo era integrado action bar + taps era la misma clase

Can you translate it to English, because I dont understand what the translator does

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@Andres_Cotes this really great to see Android TABs are now available for Thunkable users. Thanks for your great work!

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Is correct but the design is api <21 was changed to https://developer.android.com/reference/android/support/design/widget/TabLayout.html

Very useful extension. But can you make it to slide or work with swipe ? :yum:

te encontraras con un problema al sincronizar identificador del tap con el swipe si lo solucionas me comentas

Oh ok thanks for the heads-up. By the way it is a nice extension

it’s very good, but instead of text (inicio, configuracion, contacto) i’d like to insert images

esas opciones están en la de pago, pero son tipografias como el FAB etc

puedes enviarme un apk?

me falta agregarle la linea del identificador por que tambien tiene swipe


ok, when it’s ready, and i can set images in top buttons, i’ll buy it

trabajo en la noche y te la envio

wait, don’t work in the night i fell like an exploiter :smile: