[Free] SwipeRefresh extension by ColinTree



Swipe it, and refresh it.


  • Refresh


  • CancelRefreshing

  • RegisterArrangement

  • RegisterListView

    P.S. Choose only one register method for each SwipeRefresh component. Once an arrangement(or a listview) is successfully registered to a SwipeRefresh compoent, any other register called will be ignored.

  • Recommended System Colors


  • BackgroundColor
    color of the process spinner
  • ColorList
    for the refreshing animation, with a order of displaying.
  • DragEnd
    The offset in pixels from the top of this view at which the progress spinner should come to rest after a successful swipe gesture.
  • DragScale
    Setting it to true will cause indicator to be scaled up rather than clipped.
  • DragStart
    The offset in pixels from the top of this view at which the progress spinner should appear.
  • Enabled
  • NestedScrollingEnabled
  • Refreshing
  • SizeLarge


got two version: stable & compressed. once the original library is compressed, it may be not so stable for all system versions.


(2017.10.6 1:45 GMT+8)
(Compressed package used)
SwipeRefreshTest_en.aia (347.5 KB)
SwipeRefreshTest_en_appinventor.apk (1.9 MB)
SwipeRefreshTest_en_thunkable.apk (2.3 MB)

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Very interested and looking forward to perfection.


fail dealing with the size… writing doc now. comming soon~



puedes limitar el uso a api 21 o superior y no importar la librería y bajara de tamaño la extensión


it is the support v4, i tried to simplify it, but just does not works well.


puedes importar la librería en los archivos build.xml pero no los importas dentro de la clase


i did import through build.xml, but the classes is required as i wrote "@UsesLibraries(libraries = “android-support-v4.jar”)"
so that is why the whole lib is included in jar


no need try compiler


You are talking off-topic, as Compiler.java can’t be in extensions… @ColinTree I am “moliata” from GitHub :wink:, I can only give you an idea of building your own custom library, by importing only required Java files from support v4 sources. Regards


aha that is you.
i just wanna try because the support library got source code in android sdk directory. i think i can get another try on it.


simplify succeed & test pass :smile:

NOTICE for the other extension developers THAT want to include a jar file:
i got stuck by the jdk 1.8.0 for hours… the apk packer said “bad class file magic or version 0034” and then DX fail.
as the jdk level downgrade to 1.7.0_79 (by JAVA_HOME) and jar is repacked, every thing just works well…
anyway, that is life :sob:


thank you for your tip…

however the correct forum to talk about working with the App Inventor sources would be the Open Source Forum… https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/app-inventor-open-source-dev
most parts of the discussion in this thread is off topic…



yeah, kind of off topic, but i think it is a kind of discussion for this extension. like reporting my progress



Released. welcome to test the compressed version. :wink:


can you make a video? so i can understand better


@ColinTree, just got it …it was so obvious :smiley:
great ext


What is the difference, buddy?


I had try to delete some ‘useless’ code in a library, in order to reduce the size of the extension package.
So it is not stable if I delete some files that is not needed on my phone, but needed in yours.


Ok, so… it’s better download the stable version?


Yes. But since there was a new upgrade of appinventor reacently, i think i should work on this again and remove the built-in library, cuz it had been included in sources.