[FREE] SuperRewards Extension (Monetization)

Hello my friends!
I create this extension to monetize games or apps through super rewards; the extension create a window to show an Offer Wall from this site.

This extension depends on 3 variables:

  • userID: User ID on your database. It can be either numeric or text, but must be passed as a String variable.
  • appHash: Your app hash, which you can find in your Dashboard on superrewards.
  • packageID: you package bundle ID on the Google Play.


To use this you need to attach the extension to any event like a button:


The 3 variables can be predefined on the beginning, but just the userID must be variable from your Data Base.

The extension add 3 more permissions to your app:

  • Internet
  • Access Network State
  • Read Phone State


The extension comes with the appHash used by superrewards as a tests hash, you need to change it after you sign up to that site.

This extension can’t be tested on the companion app, you need to build an apk in order to test it or see it working


This extension was created with the help to resolve some bugs of @Andres_Cotes you can donate to her PayPal account too.

Extension: com.superRewards.aix (272.3 KB)
APK: superRewards.apk (2.9 mb)


For What Purpose It Can Be Used . Please Give Me some More Details.
Thanks In Advance.

With this extension you can create an offer wall for any app or game, with that you can give any virtual coins to your users after they try free games or fill surveys

Can you provide a sample APK?
So users can test your extensions without having to download, create an account and make an app

APK: superRewards.apk (2.9 mb)

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There’s an apk on the bottom of the post next to the .aix extension

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How to get this extension

The post have the extension on the bottom

How to know if the user successfully completed an action? There is no method for that!

Yes it is, and is defined on the API of super rewards, you need a DB to do that since some of the offers depending of the steps you need to do are immediately or take more than 6 days to finish, after that they send the information to you DB using a PostBack, if you want to notify inside the app to your users, you must create a way to read on your DB if the user have a new coin value

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Can you send me its aia file

You only need a button and the structure like the photo

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Please tell me how to get user id . for every uniqe user, How to use DB for that

Where the point is stored?

How to use it??

Hi ozonostudio , can u make an .aix extension of CPAlead advertisement Platform , please comment and give the extension sir I hope u will send it soon

apk link not working