[Free] Simple Tools Extension


Introducing my Simple Tools extension. It gives you 3 different functions.

Extension File (.aix): SimpleTools.aix (6.1 KB)
Project File (.aia): SimpleTools.aia (7.1 KB)
Application File (.apk): SimpleTools.apk (2.2 MB)

This little function allows you to show a simple toast message with a text.

This functions picks a random number between minimum value and maximum value.

This amazing function returns true if device is connected to the internet, otherwise false.


great start! keep up the good work!


  1. we already have a random block in the math drawer…
    AI2 Math
    random integer

    Returns a random integer value between the given values, inclusive. The order of the arguments doesn’t matter.

  2. we also already have a notifier component to display a message and there are already 2 Toast extensions…
    ok, now we have a third Toast method…

  3. if you want to tweet something, then probably the Twitter component offers some more features?

you might want to focus on extensions, which offer some new functionality, which does not exist currently…

but as already said, it’s a good start!


ShowMessage and GetRandom functions I made as my first functions and also for test purposes.
Tweet component needs Consumer Key and Secret. So it’s a little bit different, but thanks :slight_smile:


Now available in the directory:

1 thing! Dont let people to download extension! And remove blocks images. In a couple of minutes, I’ll send you new images and new extension. Tweet function has been removed, I gonna make a seperate Twitter extension

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No problem, we’ll keep updating as things change and are updated! :grinning:

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Good Job @domhnallohanlon

I see your website is getting big :slight_smile:, if you want you can review my extensions too


It’s not my website,there is a team of people developing it. Admittedly, I am doing many of the administrative tasks and (maybe too much? :smiley: ) posting at the moment.

I would be delighted to!



Version V3 is released bringing most awaited feature IsConnected Which returns True or False depending if device is connected to the internet or not.
Check it out here:

Happy Thunking!

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Do you think you can add a “Is keyboard open” block? It would be really useful!

I won’t add it to this extension, but if you want, I can make it only for you & send it.

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When my phone is connected to 4G data, it will report as not connected. So is it only depending on WiFi connection?

Yes, currently it is only made for checking that.

Hi @ILoveThunkable Do You Could Give Me Also A “When Keyboard.Close Do” Or SomeThing Like That As You Gave To @gabryk, thanksss You Very Much If You Could Do That

Keep it up dude @ILoveThunkable

Dear Mr.
Is it possible to modify this message?

  • letter size
  • background color
  • bold

txu in advanced

Nope, its just a little toast.

Thanks This Help Me Too

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T. maybe you can help me. I wanted to ask you, if you can explain how to save the extension and then upload it to Thunk?
I’m starting now to chew some programming (I’m using Blockly). How to convert the extension into the .aix format?
Many thanks in advance.