[FREE]Shortcut Extension

This is an extension to create shortcuts on the desktop of the Android mobile phone,note that it only works on devices below Android O(Android 8.0,API level 26)


This extension only provides one method to create a shortcut on the desktop(home page)


There are 4 parametres:

  • icon:The location(URL) of the icon image,the format is/storage/emulated/0/……

Note:The size of the image file should be below 2M,or there may beFailture from sysytemmistake while creating the shortcut.

  • name:The name of the shortcut
  • packageName:The package name or the whole class name to open when clicking the shortcut,set it as the package name of the app to open Screen1 when clicking the shortcut,or set it aspakcage name.screen nameto open the specific screen

Note:If you set it as the package name of other apps,it will still open the Screen1 of the original app,if you need to open another app,please open it in the screen initialize event

  • duplicate:Set it as True to allow creating more than one shortcuts


Many system prohibit apps from creating shortcuts,please give the permission to the app so that it can create a shortcut.As the same reason,you can't test the extension in an compainion app,please export an apk file to test it.


Other Notes

  1. Different systems deal with the app that want to create a shortcut in different ways,I can not promise that the extension works properly on any devices or systems;
  2. I suggest that developers should tell the users after creating a shortcut asWe have tried to add a shoercut,please check on the home page,but notWe have already created the shortcut successfully
  3. Please create as less shortcuts as possible in order to give users a clear view
  4. You can still create a shortcut successfully even if you set all the params as empty
  5. Different systems(launchers) have different permission names of creating shortcuts,so it might have not enough permission to create a shortcut on some systems(launchers)

The example app:

A video to show how it works

Pay much attension to the title of the screen

Link list below


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