[FREE]Security Extension

An extension about security

You can use @Taifun 's tools extension and AES encrypt/decrypt extension if you don’t need much function.

This extension provide the methods,events and properties below:

Click here to see the tutorials and more information.

And here to download cn.peterzhong.Encrypt.Security.aix (15.2 KB)


The information link seemed down. Please correct it.

Copy that,I will fix it soon.Thanks!

i’m having a sun.misc.base64encoder runtime error

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Hello PeterZhong, Can you fix errors on this extension? I need your extension for an RSA encryption project. I’ll buy it if the extension is stable. Thank you.

I’ve tried as your screenshot and it works properly,so i cound not find the mistake.Sorry!


I tested all the mothods and everything works properly.Maybe you can tell me how the errors happened so that i can find the mistake.
BTW,i will be glad if you would like to donate for me.And a WeChat payment QR code below:

Hi, Can you give us an example of a block that generates both keys: public and private? as well as encryption and decryption? Error message: “java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed resolution of: Lsun/misc/BASE64Encoder;”

Hello there!I created a simple project and everything works properly.Here are the apk file and the source file(aia).You can have a look
SecurityDemo.aia (20.3 KB)
SecurityDemo.apk (2.7 MB)

Hi Peter, the extension works with devices with Android 8 (8.1) and up. I have checked it on 2 different devices (Android v9.0 and 8.1.0) and it works. But with Android 6.0.1, I get an error. I have seen that error with a few other extensions too.

[Stack Overflow about Base64 encoder]> (http - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: sun/misc/BASE64Encoder - Stack Overflow)

Oracle has announced the removal of those classes in Java 9.

You should not be using classes that are in sun.* packages - those classes are not part of the public API of Java and can change in any new Java version.

See Why Developers Should Not Write Programs That Call ‘sun’ Packages in Oracle’s documentation.

Instead of using class sun.misc.BASE64Encoder :

If you are using Java 8, then use class java.util.Base64 for Base 64 encoding and decoding.

Otherwise, use a third-party library, for example class org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Base64 from Apache Commons Codec.

Good day, Sir Peter!

My groupmates and I would just like to ask permission to use this Security Extension in the app we are developing for MIT Appathon. We are aware that it is free and open-source but one of the guidelines said that we must get explicit permission from authors in case the app we developed is used for redistribution. Thank you for your hard work!

The extension creator’s last post was over 2 years ago. Hopefully he is still lurking about to give you permission.


I emailed him as well! But, yes, hopefully, he’s still lurking :crossed_fingers: