[Free] ScrollArrangementHandlers - by ColinTree



Ok no problem. Please fix the extension when ever you get the time.


Extension is working fine. It was a human error in my code. Sorry for the trouble.



Is there a way to turn off the feature by blocks


show an example from the blocks, so that when you click on the button, the next page scrolls automatically up


I don’t understant , how can I use this?
Acually,I create three vertical arrangment ,And I want to make one scrollable vertical arrangment,

But In this extention,I don’t understand , how can I do it?


Hi @ColinTree

I really like this extension because there is not something similar like this.
Are you still supporting this extension? everything works great on my Samsung S8, but when i try to scale the scrollarrangement with 2 fingers, the app crashes… with working blocks or without. If i just register the scrollarrangement the problem begin.
has anyone else also this problem??


Thanks for pointing out this, I think now I know where the problem is.


No problem! Are you preparing a new update for this extension? If so, when do you think the update will be published?