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Hello @ColinTree
Did you fix this bug? The one with two fingers.
My regards!


Hi to all and specialy to @ColinTree
I’m playing with tour fantastic extension for aply it to my app.
I 've check the AIA you’ve posted…where i don’t find the answer to my question…
I want to build a vertical scroll where set other vertical scroll arrangements inside…but don’t find in the community someone who share some AIA like this with your extension…
It would be wonderful if someone can share a sample where we can look these blocks.
Want to say too, that maybe the info of your extension needs to be a little more clear, as we understand how it works and how to use the blocks.

Maybe @fabioirmao can share this blocks with the help of his friend…thanks to both
(EDIT: I only correct that the shared AIA was TABS.aia from @Diego_Marino and that Fabio had some trouble similar than mine and his friend helps him and nobody asked his question. Thanks.)

Thanks to all and best wishes!!:smiley:


TapsSwipe_Combination_with_VSHandler.aia (76.4 KB)

Try it


Thanks a lot @fabioirmao by your help…but my wish is to set vertical scrolls arrangements into one general vertical scroll, wich lets scroll each one with independence from the others at the same level and from tha parent. I try with many ways but don’t reach a solution for this…any suggestion for solve?
Many thanks by your answer!!


Thanks for mentioning this again, I would take a look into this.


It is quite complicated for nested arrangements, it depends on the demand of each app, and I may post my code to https://github.com/OpenSourceAIX of this extension later today.


Thanks @ColinTree … I hope it becames more clear my ideas…:guiño:


Hi @ColinTree

Sorry my short knoweledge about such things…I was looking on your github and saw your other extensions…and find that you linked to your own web for search info about them…but what you publish on your’s about ScrollArrangementHandlers doesn’t include some explanations about how to use it…so is what I would have appreciate…

Well…maybe someone done something like and can show us …a vertical scroll (with text for example) into a parent great scroll…those scrolling with independence…parent scrolls all…and son scrolls its own content…

Thanks for all


Sorry for the delay, codes has been post to https://github.com/OpenSourceAIX/ScrollArrangementHandlers


Do you have a plan for fixing multi touch bug?


Still looking, it is a weird bug here.


I think bug source is changing layout visibility.I use your extension for open sidebar.So ıts change layout and ı think its makes a bug.Currenctly testing Makeroid sidebar with your extension no problem with multi touch.


你好!@ColinTree 您的扩展对我很有帮助。我刚刚开始学习AppInvnetor,希望以后可以多交流。另外,您有在任何的中文社区、贴吧、微信公众平台上发表相关文章吗?若有,望告知,谢谢!您的中文网页我看过了,非常有用,再次感谢!

Hello!@ColinTree Youe extension is very useful for me.I am new in AppInvnetor,hope we can communicate more with each other.And,have you ever sent any articles in some Chinese community,post bar or WeChat Offical Account?If you have,please tell me,thanks!I’ve seen your Chinese website,it’s very great,thanks again!

And sorry about my poor English,if you don’t understand,just read the Chinese text please…:joy:


Hello @ColinTree

Looks like after API Upgrade your extension stopped working. The following block is imp for swipes which is no longer working. see if this can be fixed.




Copy that, Thanks.


is there any sample code to autoscroll down to end of a label or textbox in vertical scroll arragement?
i search in here https://aix.colintree.cn/en/extensions/ScrollArrangementHandlers.html#download
still can not understand how to use it…
very sorry as a newbie …


Try scoll to a position that equals to the total height of the components?


Hello @ColinTree

Are you still supporting this extension ?



Yes I’m, but just busy for exam previously…