[Free] ScrollArrangementHandlers - by ColinTree



I would like to ask how am I supposed to use the extension. I don’t get how to use the blocks

Ok, got it, I have to set the arrangement with RegisterScrollView first.

Great extension!


Hi. @ColinTree, I am trying to use your extension, but I am facing some troubles. Is there any AIA to test it?


hello what part of this u r not understand how to use? let me tell u :wink:


Thank you for answering. I did not know how to use the extension to scroll between some arrangements. However, a friend of mine have already helped me. Thank you very much!


By the way, your extension is great!


@ColinTree this is a great extension. Congratulations!


Hello @ColinTree

In VerticalScrollHandler when scroll Top/Bottom the ScrollY variable does not return values? … can you check the this method ?


New version is on the way.


Any news? :blush:


Do you have any sample. aia file to download for test?
Also can this extension be used on appybuilder too?


I got some problem with new feature: Overscroll, plz wait for a little bit longer~

  • Update on 2017.12.25 (Version 3)
    • Fixed that the events of VerticalScrollHandler are not called when it should be called.
    • Fixed that event ScrollChanged of VerticalScrollHandler provides a incorrect data
    • Fixed that ScrollPosition, MaxScrollPosition in different unit (i mess up android dx & appinventor px before)
      and related events should works well now (like ReachBottom)
    • Fixed that OverScrollMode does not affect the actual behaviour (for both Vertical and Horizontal)
    • Added Overscroll events
    • Merry Christmas!

Overscroll Event Demo App:

ScrollHandlerV3Test.aia (50.4 KB)
ScrollHandlerV3Test.apk (1.5 MB)

This is a HIGHLY RECOMMEND upgrade version



found a way to use this ext to make a tab view. well, actually was @User81


is this swipe horizontal arrangement layout?
if it is , can you upload aia to test it please


yes, this is a tab view.
i’m formatting my pc, give me some time and i post the aia


am grateful, i’ll wait :blush:


the recent update is really kicking ass! Thank you very much, ColinTree.
It is now possible to use a vertical scroll arrangement inside a horizontal scroll arrangement and register both for this extension… awesome!


sorry i forgot, tomorrow i’ll give you an aia


I appreciate it


sorry i have a little problem…i try to fix it as soon as possible