[Free] ScrollArrangementHandlers - by ColinTree

Scroll Arrangement Handlers (v2)

This extension package included two extensions. Horizontal Scroll Arrangement Handler(HorizontalScrollHandler) AND Vertical Scroll Arrangement Handler(VerticalScrollHandler).

  • Update on 2017.12.25 (Version 3)

    • Fixed that the events of VerticalScrollHandler are not called when it should be called.
    • Fixed that event ScrollChanged of VerticalScrollHandler provides a incorrect data
    • Fixed that ScrollPosition, MaxScrollPosition in different unit (i mess up android dx & appinventor px before)
      and related events should works well now (like ReachBottom)
    • Fixed that OverScrollMode does not affect the actual behaviour (for both Vertical and Horizontal)
    • Added Overscroll events
    • Merry Christmas!
  • Update on 2017.9.29 (Version 2)

    • Fixed problem that names of methods & events not match the standard. (Extension renamed to avoid confusing)
    • Component icons added
    • FadingEdgeEnabled (Property)
    • OverScrollMode (Property)
    • ScrollBarEnabled (Property)
    • UserControl (Property)
    • MaxScrollPosition (Property)
    • ScrollPosition (Property)
  • Update on 2017.8.26:

    • added TouchUp (Event)

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Please sample apk):wink:

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fine, i will post it tomorrow

thank you for your contribution!

Please also follow the naming conventions, which is UpperCamelCase for property, method and event names (i.e. the first letter should be a capital letter), and lowerCamelCase for parameter names. Also please do not use underscores (_).


you might also think about using a shorter extension name… what about ColinTreeScroll instead of ColinTreeVScrollControllerTheOthers ?


that one is a custom component name, not the name in the extensions(because it was named in that form)

ok i will be care about the name of the events and methods, thanks!

Muito boa extensão, parabéns.

I testing your extensions thanks for it.I trying it for tab menu its useful for it.If you can add smooth scroll time its will be better.And scroll handler give us x parameter if we can use directly learn user gesture movement its better for us.

And if you can add a when lost focus,(User touched layout and untouched) we can call scroll animation

i try the scrolling time but it is control by the system.
i m going to add some thing today or tomorrow, including userControl (control the scrolling) and property ScrollX
thank you for your advice

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Is it possible check usersControl for other components you know we cant handle users action on some Component.

are you talking about the event handlers to the other components? that is another subject to do~

Yes,ı am talking about event handler for other components its usefull for all users if we can track users movements

it is quite hard to track all of them (like the swipe event can not be detected in the parent layout of a webview), but we can track most of them.

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Update on 2017.9.29 (Version 2)

  • Fixed problem that names of methods & events not match the standard. (Extension renamed to avoid confusing)

  • Component icons added

  • FadingEdgeEnabled (Property)

  • OverScrollMode (Property)
    (This may looks different in different version of system)

  • ScrollBarEnabled (Property)

  • UserControl (Property)
    Allow user to scroll the arrangement (or not)

  • MaxScrollPosition (Property)

  • ScrollPosition (Property)



it’s great! can you add also the possibility to set “elevation”, “corner radius”, “stroke”?

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ok i will look at this

but what does “stroke” means? :smile:

did not find any info about it yet… where you get this name?

saw in another ext. but it’s not important, i need radius and elevation :slight_smile:

ok, any link?

Can you please upload sample aia file for us newbies. :slight_smile:

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