[Free] Releasing v5 of WEBVIEWTOOLS Extension

hello Brother Haider_Alwasiti
I am facing problem, iam new in thunkable app, i maked an app, and its showing ads without my ad-mob code . admob code box is blank, so what is the reason…or they change polices of Admob?
so please can you help me…or please anyone helpme


I have no experience in ad-mob before, but one day I wanted to remove ads from a website showing ads when I load it in a webviewer.

I got rid of the ads by running a javascript to delete the element that showed the ads.

If your problem in a website you can try this javascript after you load your webpage:


You can use this extension’s OnPageFinished event handler or the OnLoadingFinished in the extension of Ben : Extended Webviewer Extension

They are event handlers to run a piece of code when a webpage has finished loading.

Or you can set a timer every 1 second to load this javascript in the webviewer to get rid for any ads you get.

Of course your mileage may vary. Perhaps you need to change the javascript code to delete a different element that you want to remove if your ads are different. It is something that you have to check by inspecting the source code of the website. But start by trying this script.


Thanks so much ! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

webviewer is not detecting location please help i updated this extension

This was not meant to be full featured webviewer. If you need a webviewer that can be opened as a dialog having more features, please see this extension:
Extended Webviewer Extension


It looks like Google oauth is no longer working with this method.

why it is SO slow?
it loading pages lke INTERNET EXPLORER.

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That’s not related to my extension, that’s to do with the webview component itself.

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bro, I’m not doubting your work. It’s really awesome.I wanted to be sure before implementing it.

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All good :grin:

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As per user request I have released version 6 of WebViewTools extension which includes two additional methods


Find out more at:


Hopefully soon you will add this to Function also !!!


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Hi @Shivendra_Kr_Sahu

Thank you for the feedback, I will definitely take that on board for the next version of my extension, please be aware I’m now working 6 days a week so it may take me a little while to get to it but I’ll do my best!

Kind Regards,
Luke Gackle


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this extension not work in makeroid, please tell me

you are asking in the wrong forum
see also


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Hello Team, is it possible to open a pop up in webviewer. One of my app using website is trying to open a pop up and download pdf from there. is there any way to open pop up inside the app.
Thanks in advance

Did you try to use this extension. What did happen when you use this extension and tried to open the popup?

This extension does not provide you a way to download files. As far as I know there is another extension that provides this :

However I think enabling both extensions is not possible. Only one of them will work.

Can you please send a screenshot of blocks for downloading files from pop ups using the new version of Extended webviewer. Thank you