[Free] Releasing v5 of WEBVIEWTOOLS Extension

Now in version 5 the extension is able to handle popups which are usually needed in OAuth login flow. Popups are especially important in OAuth login used in a lot of websites (e.g., www.feedly.com). The popups in this project open in a dialog and can be dismissed by a close button or pressing Back or if the popup window closes itself (like what happens on most login authentication flow).

Example Block diagram:

extension file:
com.LukeGackle.aix (21.1 KB)

aia file of the example above:
test9.aia (21.7 KB)

apk file of the example:
test9.apk (2.3 MB)

You can test a lot of websites that uses popups strictly for OAuth login or for other things. Those would never work with a webview that has no popup handling capability.


https://community.thunkable.com (login with Google )

Known issues:
Login using Google if needs a popup, the popup window will not get the changed useragent and hence will get error of disallowed agent. I will look into this if you need it. For some reason, it seems the popup webview sticking to the default user agent even though I applied the code to change the user agent string on the popup webview, just like what I applied to the original webview. The original webview works well with Google OAuth login that does not need popup.

Login with Facebook or Twitter or …etc. all work perfect with popup login Authentication flow. Or simply login using email if needs popup, this extension will do it for you.

It will show a dialog containing webviewer with the popup displayed, and when login successful will close it automatically and return back the user info received from the login server to the original webviewer.

Took me 2 days to develop the version 5 (version 1 to 4 is done by Luke Gackle), and 1-2 weeks to read about handling popups in webview using Android Studio.

The extension is open sourced and feel free to contribute if you like any additions or want to learn how to make extensions or popup handling.
Github repo of the extension:

Github repo of an Android Studio project showing an example app to handle popups:

For more details how to use the extension:

I love to see what can you do with this feature. Send here a message if you did something interesting with this extension.

Created by Luke Gackle
Version5 by Haider Alwasiti


This is amazing, looking forward to trying it out.

Thanks @Haider_Alwasiti (and @LukeGackle!)

I’d like to say a big thank you to @Haider_Alwasiti for his contribution to this extension, I know I haven’t been too Active in thunkable lately due to work, as well as developing a slight overuse injury from too much computer work.

I know @Haider_Alwasiti had a tough time getting the pop-ups to work so a massive thank you to him! As part of this process I open open-sourced the extension to allow people to contribute to the code even though I may not be able to at the moment! :grin:

Hoping to get back into thunkable in the new year! :tada:


hello Brother Haider_Alwasiti
I am facing problem, iam new in thunkable app, i maked an app, and its showing ads without my ad-mob code . admob code box is blank, so what is the reason…or they change polices of Admob?
so please can you help me…or please anyone helpme


I have no experience in ad-mob before, but one day I wanted to remove ads from a website showing ads when I load it in a webviewer.

I got rid of the ads by running a javascript to delete the element that showed the ads.

If your problem in a website you can try this javascript after you load your webpage:


You can use this extension’s OnPageFinished event handler or the OnLoadingFinished in the extension of Ben : Extended Webviewer Extension

They are event handlers to run a piece of code when a webpage has finished loading.

Or you can set a timer every 1 second to load this javascript in the webviewer to get rid for any ads you get.

Of course your mileage may vary. Perhaps you need to change the javascript code to delete a different element that you want to remove if your ads are different. It is something that you have to check by inspecting the source code of the website. But start by trying this script.


Thanks so much ! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

webviewer is not detecting location please help i updated this extension

This was not meant to be full featured webviewer. If you need a webviewer that can be opened as a dialog having more features, please see this extension:
Extended Webviewer Extension


It looks like Google oauth is no longer working with this method.

why it is SO slow?
it loading pages lke INTERNET EXPLORER.

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That’s not related to my extension, that’s to do with the webview component itself.

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bro, I’m not doubting your work. It’s really awesome.I wanted to be sure before implementing it.

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All good :grin:

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As per user request I have released version 6 of WebViewTools extension which includes two additional methods


Find out more at:


Hopefully soon you will add this to Function also !!!


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Hi @Shivendra_Kr_Sahu

Thank you for the feedback, I will definitely take that on board for the next version of my extension, please be aware I’m now working 6 days a week so it may take me a little while to get to it but I’ll do my best!

Kind Regards,
Luke Gackle


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this extension not work in makeroid, please tell me

you are asking in the wrong forum
see also


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