[Free] Releasing the "Web Viewer Dialog" extension!



It does, but step-by-step solutions feature is killing me, I probably wont make it complete in time, May 21 (launch date)


lo are tengo una idea simple pero me ayudara tu extensión en mucho


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Hello, Nice extension!

Is it possible to load a local html file with that extension?
Like file:///android_asset/*.html


Yep, you can.


This is my block but you can set the webviewer home url to what you want.


thanks for the reply, i just saw that extension… i meant the “web viewer dialog” extension.
But i think that extension you saw me is very helpful for a lot of stuff… Do you know how can i buy this?



As far as I know, you can do exactly the same on WebVIewerDialog extension.


Talking about OpticalMath, I can say May 21st is just around the corner. By that day I will release Android version and on October 4, I will be releasing iOS version as well. I don’t have ETA for Windows Phone though.


Also, if anyone is interested about the OpticalMath, here is a few sneak peeks (it’s not made in an app builder, natively programmed with an actual code in Android Studio, not open sourced):


Attention please…
Can you please make an of layout dialog, that we can customize that dialogbox with buttons, labels, image, and background image, and also can resize the dialog box…


No, use @helios Dialogs extension. This extension is only made for embedding web viewer into it.


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How to open pop up window using this extension. Please Explain me in detail


Read the whole topic. You will find examples there.


how to search text in webviewer, with search action bar. Text which searched display on the screen (webviewer got focus)


Hello, ILoveThunkable how did you build this kind of layout? is it any kind of extension? :thinking:love to hear from you…


He’s building it in Android Studio


Thanks nice extension, useful when you need to do something beforeCreate and afterCreate the dialog, but I think it’s important to have a return Response for the text of the button pressed in .AfterDismiss event