[Free] Releasing the "Web Viewer Dialog" extension!



but how i can use goback,goforward,cangoback,cangoforword
is there any chance to add the other button in dialogbox


Sorry, that is not possible with the current extension (to add buttons to the current web viewer dialog).


but how i can use goback,goforward,cangoback,cangoforword


For example, when Accelerometer.Shaking event happened.


hooo…,tq for ur support
and nice extension


Back Button Not Working For Going Back in Webviewer Dialog Please Fix This Problem


I never said, that it has to work like that.


Hi Ben, is it my impression only or creating the webviewer dialog in fullscreen mode is also toggling the keyboard on? thanks


then how we go back with this extension


For example? Use Accelerometer shake event and make Web viewer go back?


ok thanks


I discovered that today to. Can that be fixed @ILoveThunkable ?



Currently I am using @Mika 's special tools extension that has a Toggle Keyboard block to hide keyboard when opening Web Viewer Dialog in full screen.

The trick though is to use it with a clock component with the following properties (so as to give enough time to Web Viewer to open the keyboard)

here are my blocks… (i made a procedure, since I need to display more than 1 html files in the specific app)



Hi, is this dependend on the size of the html-file? I have some large ones in my app. This way the keyboard doesn’t show at all?


as far as I know it is not

well it actually opens and closes immediately. in my S7 edge I don’t see this double action at all, in older or slower devices like my Nexus 2012 3G it is possible sometimes to see the kbd opening and closing…


It doesn’t work for me. My keyboard is displayed and then closed. I know it is a workaround but i guess the extension doesn’t work as it should fullscreen.


I found another solution or rather a replacement. I got the Dialog Any extension from @Kus_Zab and used a webviewer.

Used the Android Theme Extension from @Andres_Cotes

so i could use the light theme. (i use it in screen initialize)


Together they do exactly what i want to do.

A scrolling webview in the form of a dialog with a lighttheme.

I don’t use it fullscreen as i wanted in the firstplace but the dialog is bigger and very acceptable to me.


The extension works now with webview.string ? because this would be great to use it on signup pages


I am sorry, while i am trying to work on extensions, i am currently busy on my main project OpticalMath, the next generation camera calculator


Is it going the way you want?