[Free] Releasing the "Web Viewer Dialog" extension!



This should be easy, I’ll just use JavaScript Interface. I am currently working on a huge project OpticalMath (a photo math alternative, made not with app builder but with official Android Studio).


So if this is easy it won’t be long, do you think you can pause for a sec and fix this?


I have a lot of studies on workdays, but I’ll take a look into that on weekdays.




i will use this with cpa ads i think it’ll work with cpa ads
if i put them in my site and add my link site into this extension


i can’t use it please help me


It is similar to default web viewer component.


Is it possible to sign in with Google?


Yes, it’s possible.




Please search for that using Search Bar :slight_smile:


can any one help me it shows error while running web viewer dialog extension


You are trying to get a title of not existing web viewer. You have to create a web viewer dialog with a text block.


can u give an example


This is a text block.Title argument requires such. Just use a text block.



What are you trying to do?
To make a web viewer dialog use Create block…


r u updated it


Sorry I don’t have any examples. But I don’t even understand what you are trying to do. Because looking from your blocks, you are snapping random stuff. Can you tell me, what you are trying to do?


tq i was fixed it thnks for your support