[Free] Releasing the "Web Viewer Dialog" extension!



Hello, I will surely work on that, but as most of the people, I am on holidays for 2 weeks too.


Enjoy it as much as you want then!!!


Hello, please can you explain to me how to do this?
I have uploaded the image to thunkable but don’t know how to put the url of this…
Thans and great extension!


Set url to file:/// and a directory for example file:///sdcard/mnt/test.png or etc.


Hi Ben!!
I am coming back to my older question, have you considered to work again on this extension and create a block like this??

set WebViewerDialog1.WebViewString to

I think that this would be amazing so as to pass values from the app to your WebViewer Dialog like a normal webviewer as shown in http://puravidaapps.com/snippets.php#2webviewstring

Just take this as a kind reminder…

Thanks bro.


Hello, currently there is issue with extension packaging. I reported that to MIT & they marked that as a bug.


So it’s not possible for the moment to show a qr code like here : https://puravidaapps.com/qr.php ??
Because no webviewstring in your blocks extension

Someone helps me with Web Viewer Dialog” extension!

No there is no such block available currently.
Therefore it is not possible to do what you want.
This was my request also…

You can however display static html like i.e. a changelog or maybe a user manual for the app.

Lets hope to see such a block in a future version…


Yea, you can check on GitHub, App Inventor Issues. There will be ClassNotFoundException issue marked as a bug and has been confirmed by Ewan Patton.


hi ben, is it possible to have an event “after button click”?
and how may i use “goback” and “go forward” if i have only one button?


I may look into that after the bug is fixed.


os videos exibidos por ele não ficam em fullscreen


@ILoveThunkable is this correct ? its a full leabolt ad


I recommend using @Taifun tools extension. So you can just use “PathToAssets” and your file name


hi ben, the bug is fixed about this?


Which bug?



Sorry, but I did not find way, how to catch Dialog button clicks without closing them. I think there is no such functionality.


Actually, i’d like to have two buttons on dialog, don’t mind if the dialog closes…


what about this? are you thinking of looking it?