[Free] Releasing the "Web Viewer Dialog" extension!



OK, I am testing new version. With WebViewer controls (goToUrl, canGoBack, canGoForward, goBack, goForward) + 2 new properties (currentPageTitle, currentUrl)! In 10 minutes new version coming out…



  • WebViewer Controls (Go Back, Go Forward, Go to URL)
  • Current Page Title & Current URL properties


Thank you very much for the great job. I’m going to test in my app.




I confirm that with the latest additions to the extension, it’s possible to complete the authentication process and have access to the Google Calendar. All due to the great work done by Ben @ILoveThunkable; you’re a myth!!!

Google Calendar OAuth workaround question

This is very handy for apps that want to display terms and conditions on first start up. So it would be nice if you could add the components that identifies what happens after the user clicks “close” or “disagree”. Also Add the option to add another button. So if were to use this for user agreement, the user can either click “agree” or “disagree”. I want to idenstify what happens if the user clicks a button.


For identifying did user click button, use AfterDismiss event. I may look into making new button, thank you for feedback.


AfterDismiss doesn’t identify if the user clicked agree. The block “event” doesn’t know what the user clicked.


There is only 1 button in my dialog, which occurs after clicking that button.


Will be possible a block to close the Dialog?


There is a function yet called DismissDialog.


please tutorial…


@ILoveThunkable this looks like a great extension, especially the OAuth feature, congratulations! Keep up the good work!

@Enzo it would be great, if you could provide a small example project and a description of the steps to be done to get this running…
As you probably know, the existing solution by phantomfoot does not work anymore…
your tutorial would help the complete App Inventor community…


Google Calendar OAuth workaround question

I’m trying to insert a map of fusion tables in your WebViewerDialog, but it does not appear, just a little bit of a strip of about 5 pixels.
How can I fix the problem?


Hi, is an excelent extension!. Can you explain me how I do to go back when I clicked an other link into same dialog? I try this, but only dismiss dialog :frowning:


Thank you very much!:gift:


Hello, many thanks to all. I’ve got oauth with calendar! How can I get a list of calendars? Which block should I use? Thank you very much.


Hey @ILoveThunkable can we use image from assets to show in webviewer dialog ?


Set url to file:/// & a chosen directory.


Hi, it is a great extension indeed.

I was trying to display some HTML text in webviewer in the logic of the tutorial in puravida apps.
However the guys there use set.WebViewer.WebView_String block in order to pass it in the jquery and then load the html to the viewer.

This extension is lacking a set.WebViewerDialog.WebView_String block so as to do the same.
Is there any way to pass an html text generated from a procedure to this webviewer dialog of yours??

Thanks in advance!

edit: I just read a few posts above that you were already asked the same and you already thinking of adding such a feature in the next builds of the extension. Hope this goes out well and you will make it work…