[Free] Releasing the "Web Viewer Dialog" extension!



As @Helios said that’s a bug with android’s styles. I’ll may try to fix that.


That would be great. I thought that maybe you could specify the width and the height of the dialogbox in %. Would that be possible to make?


I am going back to home! From tommorow I will start fixing and adding new features to this extension. Also, I will introduce 2 new extensions!


Ok, a new version just about to come. 30 minutes (or even less) until I release it! I am going to a shop, sorry! So it would take bit longer. (1h)


Sorry for being late! Max 20 minutes and I start uploading a new extension, application, project file + new guide.


If anyone help me can with that Fullscreen Mode & WebViewer Height bug, please message me.


Hi, where I can find aix download?


@ILoveThunkable is fixing some issues first:


Ok, issue is not been fixed, cause I understood why for example www.google.com makes WebViewer size not to Match Parent! That happens. because there is not too many content inside that website. But, if we use a website with more content, so we can scroll through WebViewer, it makes WebViewer match parent. Here is an example:

I will upload application, project and extension files just in a few minutes.


@Enzo, extension file has been uploaded.


There will be, in the future, the possibility to have the “WebViewerDialog1.CurrentPageTitle” than we can have the returned OAUth code?


Great work!You are genius.Is it possible to implement a string pass feature as original webviewer?


I am adding this today! :slight_smile:


Do you mean WebViewer.String?


Yes.of course


I can try to add this, but I am not sure if it will work.


You are the best!


Ok, new version with Current Page Title and Current URL is coming in 1 Hour!
@chiccovision I will add WebViewerDialog.String + WebViewer Controls (URL, GoBack, GoForward) in a next version.


Now we can use the Current Page Title to pass a string.Thanks to share your hard works.I’ll stay alert.


Sorry for being, so late. Currently I don’t have too much time to add following properties, still I will upload a new version today, but not right now. Be sure to wait for that.