[Free] Releasing the "Web Viewer Dialog" extension!



Ok, so I cannot fix that issue. I will just release a version without back button and I may add it in 3rd version.


Can you add option to full screen = true/false
Can you add option to webviewer - desktop mode = true/false and default - mobile friendly


These gonna come in V4 version!!!


Can you make a example how to use the user data in the app after the oauth login?


You can simply use WebViewer Dialog extension for authorization and after that use normal WebViewer for getting data


Ok, I will go for a holidays from tomorrow until next month’s 4th day. I will continue work after that.


I can try to make a mix with my tutorial and this extension :sweat_smile:

But I can’t promise anything


It seems to be amazing, because now that I think it must be possible to show only an image from assets, so in fact it’s also an image dialog :+1:


I really like your extension. Great job.
Since you like to work with dialogs, here’s an idea to improve the text dialog, that may be possible for you to make.

A text dialog with some extra parameters:
numbersOnly - self explanatory.
password - it just masks the text entered.
hint - self explanatory.
text - A text that will pre populate the textbox when the dialog is called.


I can make this to become true! @Helios after getting back from my holidays, I can program these features for your Dialos extension. Thanks for idea, Italo!


Thanks for all the help. But I’ve already coded it in and am doing the final tests as of now. Feel free to send in your code so that I can replace parts of my code with the efficient parts of yours.



I wouls like to see this extension implemented in DialogsExtension so I only have to use one :blush:


Great job! Thanks.
I tried, but I do not know how to retrieve the page response.
How to get, directly strAuthCode?


You have to use this extension just to authorize. After that, I recommend using WebViewer for further actions.


Ok. Thanks for your answer…
The extension don’t permit to copy the strAuthCode, than I can’t do nothing. The user of my app have to make a screenshot and copy the code manually. It’s impossible to do this.


Also, this is only in beta-phase.
Also, I dont think it was even possible with normal WebViewer… :slight_smile: Also, for screenshots use @Taifun Screenshots extendion


Ok. Thanks for your answer and for the great job you are doing.


Just a few more days (3days) and I am coming back to my home. I will continue work on this extension + introduce a new extension.


Why is it that the dark theme displays wider than the light theme? I would like the lighttheme to be as wide as the darktheme. :thumbsup:


That’s a bug in Android’s styles package. A similar bug can be observed in my Dialogs Extension as well. There’s nothing that can be done about it. You can try adding trailing spaces for the title.