[Free] Releasing the "Web Viewer Dialog" extension!



Start a private message with us and we can sort this out.


Was just about to ask if this can be used to OAuth. Excellent!!


Thank you! Would love to see what you can make with this!


wow,its just Amazing…


Thanks :smiley: would love to see what you can come with!


For those wondering what you can do with this extension, i have an idea; it has a very pretty close button and you can use it to display HTML/JavaScript ads (fullScreen ads). LeadBolt Banners, Adcash Banners and some others should work with this(you can use the clock event to regulate the intervals to call this dialog( Note: just a theory i havnt tested yet but i believe might work)


YEA! Finally @Brainwork, first of all I made this extension for ads! I really wanted to use @Helios dialog extension but it didn’t work, so I created my own. I thought that’s impossible but after a few days work (2days) I made it! :smiley:, you are thinking like me! Also I am making OAuth support right now.
P.S: To display custom HTML content just use this url: data:text/html,<p>This is html tag</p>


OAuth is working! But I can’t still type (keyboard doesn’t show up), I had to paste my email, password and etc :smiley:, but I tried OAuth with Google OAuth 2.0 Playground and it worked!
Here is a screenshot:

Ok, trying 3rd test, if everything works I may publish new version.


it can also be used to display privacy policy contents, Team credits, More about how to use app etc.



Last test: Go Back function :smiley:, after that I will upload new version with these features:

  • OAuth support
  • Zooming capability
  • Keyboard bug fix
  • New function called “Go Back”


Nice work, I’ve used this extension and working great for me. I will release an app soon using many latest extensions including this too.


Thanks, but wait right now I am fixing bugs with Go Back feature. After that you will be able to go back on back press, zoom. Also, I will support OAuth so you can use Google Drive and other services. :smiley:


okay, then I’ll wait for your update then I will use that in my app.


Still fixing issues with go back. It’s not working properly!


@ILoveThunkable and @Helios

You guys schould merge your extensions into one, then we don’t need to have two extensions for great dialogs


I don’t think so. @Helios, any ideas. I would love to keep this extension mine :smiley:.
Doing last tests.


Ok, I am downloading last version with Go back button. I will test it and if it succeeds I post here a new version.


I’m okay with a merge. You will receive all author credit for your work. Trust me, a single extension will be much easier to distribute.


Merging is a good idea but this extension is still in it primary State like he said he is still fixing bugs and adding other stuffs, when it is fully ready am sure they can talk or negotiate about how to go about this. in anycase, weldone @Helios and @ILoveThunkable for your great dialog extensions


This is a very useful extension for future. As it works like a pop-up screen and has ability to add html. We can design html and use the functions as pop up screen aswell. Which has been a limitation in App-inventor platforms. Great job @ILoveThunkable