[Free] Releasing the Dialogs Extension



Hi, for first great work…but… Text Input dialog in Lightheme modality show text in white color and this is a problem…


Thanks for the great extension.
I am interesting in CheckboxListPicker
Will it be able to preset some checkbox when dialog appear?


No. There is no such option to pre select items. Implementing this can get irritating for users as you will have to specify in a separate list as to which elements have to be selected. For example, if the options are
( new old antique ancient )
and you want only new and old to be pre selected, then you will have to assign another list like this:
(true true false false)
corresponding to each element in the options. So if you have a long list and want none to be selected, you still will have to create another list like
(false false false ...)
which is a big headache.



Thanks @Helios
I have to find other alternative for my app


The icon gives me a error


You have to set an icon, no matter what. It cannot be blank text. If you do not want the icon to be displayed, you can set hasIcon to false.


I found what it is, after you update the extension the title is the icon and the message is the title… I fix it now, sorry for my messages.


There is a little design bug:

If you enable light theme, the inputTextDialog has the inputted text in white, so it’s invisible to the user

Could you fix it? @Helios


I will bring out a fix in the next release.


Good day, how to use component UpdateProgress…??


I love this extension but there are two things missing.

  1. Ability specify a default value for the showtextdialog.
  2. Ability to use numeric keyboard in showtextdialog.


Hi there !
This is the most, best … I don’t know what to say… the gold of all extensions I ever see. But, I have a problem, and I don’t know if its from me or from extension (i’m new to this).

I try to save some values in database from “text dialog”, but how can I do this? are there some example?
Thank you for helping me!


Try these blocks


From my part… Thank you very much. :slight_smile:
I think you will find out there some other cool extensions too.

Take a look to the extensions from @Taifun.
He has created many useful extensions too.


Wow guys, this was the fast answer I ever get. Thank you!

I know Taifun extension, but I need this one. I try to enter some text to display in 2 labels.
So when button1 click show "dialog input"enter text and display on label1, after when button2 click "“show dalog” and display on label 2.

Is this possible with this extension?


I mean

Separate buttons
Separate labels to display

Thank you so much!


Yes. Set a variable to the name of the button that is pressed, and set the response from the text dialog to a certain variable according to the variable that detects which button is pressed.

Here are the blocks:

(For you, the text dialog script will look a little different, because you are using the extension, and I’m using the built in one. It works the same way though.)


tysonseable thank you very much, really appreciate. Just wait…


PM me if you need any more help with that script. :slight_smile:


Hello, you will have some example of how to use component UpdateProgress…??