[Free] Releasing the Dialogs Extension




OMG, I hae about 50 notifiers :tired_face:
It will take me a lot of time :sweat:


Can you make it possible to add image(s) on the dialog?. I mean a little bigger image and not a small icon.


Yes. I am currently working on that.


The problem is that there is no way to stop the rendering of the icon. You have to supply an icon. The only thing I can do is make sure that it is not displayed, hence the hasIcon property. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to have one extra asset in your app.


These are default themes from the R.android package. I will see if there is anything that can be done, and possibly incorporate it into the next version.


Couldn’t you just supply a default icon that’s not displayed if there is no input?


Please let me know if there is any other type of dialog you would like to have. I will try my best to add them to the extension!


You can put your app icon instead


I will have to consult with @Mika as it is his piece of code.


Oh yeah. :laughing:


I would like to have a dialog with white background, with images, short text and 2 buttons on it.

When the dialog is shown, if you click on the first image, and the next image will be appeared. If you click on the button, it tricks an event, like e.g. open something.


Is it possible to fix this?

On devices with SoftKeys, the Cancel and Choose buttons appear behind the SoftKey, thus making it impossible to select them, whenever the list exceeds the screen size and when fullscreen property is set to true for a RadioListPicker

Thanks and Regards.


I have already cautioned you against this.

There is no fix as this is a default theme within the R.android package. What this means is that the theme cannot be edited by me as it is a standard one released by Google itself.

I have a workaround up my sleeve and see if I can do something…
Nothing, Sorry.


My bad. Sorry, didn’t notice that.


Check out the edit, @Bruger. I have added a simple lightbox method. You will have to provide the location of the image. For example, /sdcard/Pictures/mountains.jpg. I will add buttons to this dialog soon!


Thanks @Helios. I would like to show image from Cloudinary on the dialog, is that possible?


No. As of now, the file has to be on your device.


@Helios / @Mika is it possible to return the text of selected item in the RadioListPicker (not the item index as a number). I need this because i’m setting the options as a list from Firebase, and when selecting I need the actual text that was selected not the number.

I also noticed that if the ‘cancelable’ property is true, when the outside of the dialog is clicked, it will close. I don’t want users to click the outside of it, but I do want the cancel button to show. I noticed that if the ‘cancelable’ property is false then the cancel button doesn’t show. Is this possible?



I will try and get a feature on the next version. But can you tell me why using list index isn’t possible?

I don’t fully understand your second request. When cancelable is false, it means that the user has to enter some response. If it is true, then the user can skip it. If you want the output to be -1 even when the user touches outside the dialog, then that is something I can implement in the next version.
Let me know what is it that you want to see in the future.



Yeah, that would work.

Basically, I have a dialog that has multiple options. Each option that is selected opens a different dialog. I’m setting the cancel button to “Back” so that when that is pressed, it opens the original dialog. However, since I have ‘cancelable’ enabled to show the cancel button, the user can click out of the dialog to close it - which I don’t want.

It’s a bit complicated to explain.