[Free] Releasing the Dialogs Extension



Thanks Mika! . Yes exactly there is an error while executing checkbox blocks. Thanks for clarifying permissions issue.


Pop up dialog screen - Extension ? is this possible in future release ?

  • Should allow buttons, Textboxes, spinners, checkboxes, Lable’s , icons etc.


This block will be very useful for my Notification System xD


Maybe :smile:
I look later into it.
Iam current not at home.


Can you also show me a picture what you exactly mean for dialog typ?


Not even few days passed after releasing version 3.

Already you are working for Version 4.

Just curious , Is it that much easy to build an extension …?

I’m interested too to build an extension, but when I see those codes(guide which published here) I get :upside_down:.


Lol😆 I also wish if there was a easier option to create extensions as i also don’t know java😐 Because learning and creating is going to take a while


No its not easy but if i have an idea i will give my best to get it so fast i can ready for the puplic :smile:


Hey guys, I’m really impressed with your dialogs extension and its features! Awesome work and a big thank you to the developers! Especially the checkbox function got my attention and I was wondering if a similar extension would be possible to implement with the listview? I’m refering basically to this:

hope this question is not too much off-topic for this thread…


Current we can only build nonvisible extensions.
A listview is a visible component.


Hmm, ok… But dialogs are visible aswell… how does it work with it? Can you please explain Mika if you have time?


You see the listview component when you drag it into the designer view = visible.
Try to import the notifier component, you will see only the icon in the designer view but not a component = nonvisible

Auf Deutsch:
Wenn du eine neue Komponente wie “Listview” per drag 'n drop in den Designer View ziehst, siehst du dann natürlich auch die Liste.
Aber ein Notifier oder andere Dinge siehst du nicht.

Zur zeit ist die Entwicklung von Extensions leider auf Nicht sichtbare Komponenten beschränkt.


:+1:ok, thank you very much! Now I understand…


You are welcome.
Bitte schön :slight_smile:


@Mika , I am trying to create an extension, if found some example on android.com. Can I use them directly into the code or do I need to do something?


Take a look on the examples source codes of some extensions.

Every function must start with:
@SimpleFunction or @SimpleProperty or @Event ect.
than you can copy the code to your java file.


Hi, trying to use the Dialog ext. with emulator I got this error (see picture); it appear even with different configuration of parameter “icon” (e.g. “crediti.png”). was my block wrong? thanks


Try closing the Thunkable Live app, clicking “Reset Connection” and reconnecting again.


I’m going to use this in my next app! Would an attribution in the about app dialog be enough? :iphone:


Yes, an attribution shall suffice. The extension has been released under the following terms: