[Free] Releasing the Dialogs Extension



but it seems it’s current not possiple to change the background color.
I will look into it if i find a solution. :slight_smile:


Is this extension open source? Because I want to learn how to create extensions and that is easier with examples.


Yes it is open source. You can see the license here:

I can send you the source code if you want.


Thanks, if you want to send it, it would be great! :slight_smile:


Yeah i am also willing to learn… Please send :smile:


Version 3 released!

Version 3 of the Dialogs Extension has been released!
Some methods have been developed in jointly with @Mika. Here is a list of the new features:

  • A multiple option picker (using checkboxes)
  • Ability to add icons and HTML formatting to dialogs (By @Mika)
  • Fixed the list index dilemma. Lists now start at 1, thereby conforming to YailList syntax. (My apologies for any confusion caused)
  • A new material light theme to all dialogs
  • New message dialog to display messages with icon + heading.(By @Mika)
    *Ability to set custom Cancel button text

Here are a few screenshots

Here is the .aix file:
com.vishwas.Dialogs.aix (19.3 KB)

Hope you like it!
Helios & @Mika


Amazing Work!!! (as always :wink:) :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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The source code is out in public domain!


How do you change between light and dark theme?

What does the AfterCheckboxSelection return?


There is a property in the designer menu to change the theme.

The AfterCheckBoxSelection returns a list of the indices of the selected items.
For example, if your options were (Good Better Best), and the user selected Better and Best, then the output will be a list like (2 3).
If the user selected Best first and then Better, then the output will be (3 2). This provides further information on how the user has selected the items.

You can use the SelectItemInList to get the actual item from the options.
Hope this helps!


Oh, silly me, completely missed that. :laughing:



Why dont you copy all the blocks from the notifier component to your extension, then you can use a light theme for the notifier


The ShowLinearProgress doesn’t support HTML :worried:

Also, the ChooseButtonText from RadioListPicker doesn’t support HTML


Its possiple that only a few methods have html support. I will look soon as i can into it :slight_smile:


The button texts override any HTML formatting (on Android 5.0 and up) and appear as uppercase letters. No formatting can be applied to any of the buttons.


Amazing work!!!. Thank you for enhancing the AI Platform - Thunkable to industry standard. Looking forward for more extension in future from Helios/Mika! Great work.


The ChooseButtonText from RadioListPicker supports HTML xD

IDK if it’s an error, but I wrote <br><br> and in the button there were two lines break


I don’t know why it’s working :smile:

But another question…
who wants that method? :blush:



How to code this?


Use a “make a list” block :slight_smile:

The current version 3 has a bug in it!
We forgot to add the permissions to use a custom icon and store that on the device temporary.

Please add the “File” component to the project if you use the version 3 of the extension.
I have added this permissions for version 4 :slight_smile: