[Free] Releasing the Dialogs Extension

version 5 is the last one?

Hi, I need to input a decimal number (ex: 21.75) with the “ShowTextInputDialog” method, using the “type 5” (numeric keyboard), but it looks like the dot key does not work in this situation, can you help me?

Hi thunkers!

how can i resolve my problem? …
when click to “OK” button; the input message is put to Textbox (CAMPO_OBS), but when click to “CANCELAR” so also put the input message to Textbox (CAMPO_OBS)

It is assumed that if the user cancels the dialogue, nothing should be put in the textbox (CAMPO_OBS)


Its not downloading.

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Link erorr

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I am unable to download this extension. Please help me

thunkable does not support extensions if you still need it in some other platform there is a component in kodular

Hi…! I’m a beginner here, please describe me how to set “Picked” items as a text of a label? (I want to know how to retrive the picked items of the list.)

Hi @mataraamilas It’s better to start a new topic when you have a question that’s not related to the current topic.

Also, these forums are mainly for Thunkable X. If you would like help with that product, post your blocks and someone can offer advice.


Thank you @tatiang for info :+1:

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The link is broken, I can’t download it. Please help me

This forum section is for the classic version of Thunkable. These are used like historical data but don’t actually pertain (for the most part) with the current version of Thunkable.

I’d start here.

There are no plugins for the current version of Thunkable.