[Free] Releasing the Dialogs Extension



show us your blocks to see whats wrong



Try hex color

Jerin Jacob


@Andres_Cotes, @Helios
as you can see, users get confused if extension developers do not follow the existing philosophies…

therefore instead of hex values for colors please follow the existing philosophy
which means, in the designer use the color blocks to assign colors
in the blocks editor use color blocks or the make color block or an integer value


[Free] Animation Color background extension

Thank you, @Jerin_Jacob
(The only thing you can’t do in HEX is transparency. If you create a 4 line list in create colour, you can set transparency.)


I found a bug, or at least for my app it’s a bug.
Even when i press cancel at textinput dialog it still will start the when dialogs After text input.


Do you understand what i mean?


Imagine you need to type in email in dialog and you press the cancel button and it opens the password dialog.


If you press cancel, the response is an empty text. You can workaround with it!


@Helios Could you try adding a filter bar in the list view Dialog so that long lists (Ex: Languages, Time Zones) need not be scrolled a long way before finding the item.



He doesn’t care about his extension anymore.


Oh! Umm… Kay!


Not true. He is busy with lots of other things and will update when he has time.


Where can we get that fix?


I meant that @Taifun found a way to fix the problem, @Helios have to just follow what Taifun said…


Ok I misunderstood your post.
It seemed strange for @Taifun to provide a fixed aix since he should have the source code for the extension, but I asked anyway just in case… :stuck_out_tongue:
I have already seen that method proposed so as to fix the issue.
Let’s hope that @Helios has the time and will to implement it…
We are grateful for the work and effort up to now from all extension developers

If I was developing extensions I would fix pending items and then proceed to new, but this I how I prefer to work…
However not all minds are the same and most important they shouldn’t be!


wait, so the dialog and extracomponent extension do not work?


they work independently, but not both together in a project


When i using spinnig dialog it is showing in fullscreen.


you might want to provide some more information…