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Did you try this ?


no, i want to show an image with the “ShowLightBox Image Path block”


When setting the image path to the ShowLightBox Dailog Block, there is blank screen. I confirm this can be a bug that needs to be validated by the extension owner.


Hi @Helios,

Reporting Bug. Extension Version 5.

In “showTextInputDialog” event “cancel” button not working.

If “cancel” button click, it should cancel the event. But its not.


Finally I’ve updated #chatable

It took 2:30 hours, and just for the Dialogs update, but now it’s updated. More than 100 changes
There were some random errors, too, IDK why


HELP how can i set the icon for the dialog?
this gives me Runtime Error.


Have you uploaded “image.png” to your Thunkable app?

What is the error message that you get?


it works now i dont know what happened :stuck_out_tongue:


Not asking for ETA, but there were an update coming for this extension or I imagined it!?


@Helios please in CheckBoxListPicker provide option to set checkboxes to true/false before opening.


hello there

how can i get the selected value from the Dialog CheckboxListPicker ?

i tried with this two blocks and dont works

i figured out it works with this block


You haven’t figured it out!
The solution is given in the blocks editor by passing the mouse over the afterCheckBoxSelection event: it return a list of indexes of selected checkboxes.
So to use it correctly you should use a for each condition or something else involving list management blocks


i figured it out because i didnt read the block description :stuck_out_tongue: sorry.

and works for me like this


That’s because you’re selecting 1 item at a time, if you use it in a situation where user has multiple choices, the AfterCheckboxSelection returns all index selected, so in your example it will be (1 2), so your “method” will no longer work… just read blocks description and use the correct logic.


@Helios this extension dont work in appybuilder ?


generally all extensions work in App Inventor and all its distributions
you might want to elaborate…


ok, then i have a problem with this extension on appybuilder


with this information unfortunately nobody will be able to help


I know i was just asking cus im not at home, I will post an image of the error later on tonight


Why do i get this using text input?


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