[Free] Releasing the Dialogs Extension



@Sivagiri_Visakan Something similar happend to you, no?


As of now, I can guarantee support only for devices running Android 5.0+ and apps made with Thunkable only. Some features of the extension are exclusive to Material Design and cannot be used on older devices.

But I have rectified the error and will bring out a fix along with the inclusion of the popup menu.


Yes. This is because the dialog is generated with a particular style; as of now it is “Material Light” and “Material Dark”. But these styles are missing on KitKat 4.0 and older versions. Thus, you get these awful looking boxes.
After the fix, though you will not get a material dialog on old devices, you will get the corresponding Holo dialog.
Here is a quick example

Version/Theme used/Result on screen
Android 6.0/Light/Material Light Dialog
Android 4.4.4/Light/Holo Light Dialog

Android 6.0/Dark/Material Dark Dialog
Android 4.4.4/Dark/Holo Dark Dialog


para que una extensión se funcional con las 2 versiones



Yes… But for me it occurred only in version 2 and it was fixed in Version 4 as it didn’t occur when I used the latest version


The above occurred in Android 5.0 with version 2 of the extension but as I said it was fixed in Version 4.


I noticed a probably unwanted behaviour in ShowMessageDialog: it requires a valid icon file in the “icon” field even if “hasicon” is set to false. That’s odd, if I don’t want to show an icon, why I need to put a valid icon path?


If you enter an icon and set hasicon to false, then there is no icon visible


Yes, I know, but if I set hasicon to false then I don’t want to show an Icon, so why I have to put a valid icon file? It makes no sense


@Helios could add an piece of code which looks if the icon string is empty and then set a non visible standard android icon.


Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. You will have to provide a valid image path, even if you don’t want to display the icon.


Why? In default notifier, we don’t have to provide icon nor it shows it.


Indeed. But the way our code works, there is no option for an
if(hasIcon){//load image}else{//dont}
Had that been the case, I wouldn’t have created a parameter called “hasIcon” at all. Instead, it would have been something like:
if(icon==""){//dont do anything}else{//load image}

The code to load the image executes no matter what.


I’m trying to show the pop up using a clock, but the typing stops and it gives problems…why?

edit. i think i got it. the timer continuosly “pops up” the pop up…


Two components of Dialog Extension in the same screen won’t work. Where will be a conflict.


Hello. I need your help. This is great extension for me. But i don’t know how to fill in “icon”. :frowning:


Use the name of an image in your assetsfolder (for example, write the name of your image like icon.png in a textblock and attach it to the dialog block)


Thanks so much ! I got it :heart_eyes:


Hello…i don’t understand how to use checkbox :frowning:


hello friend, the ShowLinearProgress works with the web.GotFile block ?
can you show me how to set the ShowLightBox ?


To get the light theme, go to properties for the dialog extension in the designer and check “lighttheme”